Monday, November 10, 2008

Royal Names Part I - Girls

If you want your little tacker to grow into a strong and driven character then it seem wise to give a same that they can grow into that reflects this personality trait.

Why not consider the name of a Royal? It was often these people that would bring about much change and fervour during their time, displaying much strength and drive. Therefore it makes sense to pick the name of a Royal for your baby who in your eyes is Royalty.

For girls may i suggest;

Claribel - So whilst Claribel is not technically a real-life Royal she is a Queen. Wife to the King of Tunis and Daughter to Antonio in Shakespeares play The Tempest, and we all know the Duke of Milan would have nothing but the best name for his daughter. Plus how cute is Belle for a nick name.

Elizabeth - A bit typical i know but there are so many cute dimunitives. Bess, Beth, Eliza, Liz, Eli and the list goes on. Queen Elizabeth I has been one of the most popular rulers of her day and whose face has now become a romantic symbol of a nations resistance to foriegn threat.

Blanche - Blanche of Castile who weed the Louis VIII of France first showed her value as queen when her husband attempted to claim on her behalf the throne of England. Despite a united nation against him she supported him. She also raised the now sainted, Louis IX having lost 6 of her 13 children already. Now wouldn't you be proud if your little Blanche accomplised all this?

Beatrice - This name is due for a revival and has been vastly popular in preivious times. I quite like Beatrix too with the cute nickname of Trixe. Whilst we all might have divided opinions over Princess Beatrice daughter to Fergie, you cannot deny that this is a family that has put up with much gossip and speculation. We shouldn't let that effect the adorability of the name. Good Luck to 'em.

Mathilda - How cute is a little tilly or tilda running around. Queen Mathilda of Scotland was also and inspirational figure. Famous for not wearing shoes to church during lent and kissing and washing the feet of the sick and poor. She later became known as Patron of the Arts for a use of poetry and music in her court. Gourgeous!

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