Saturday, November 22, 2008

Food for Thought Anyone? :P

Now its important that you eat your 2 fruit and 5 veggies daily and whats a better reminder than having your very own orange and lettuce to remind you!!!

now perhaps not these names...but what names out there are sweet and nutritious to call your sweetums :D


Cesar- Cesar salad anyone- OK so its hard to find boys name :D- But this is regal and delicious! Have fun using this as a first or middle name!!

Rye: This means bread and is a pretty short snappy and cute name for a baby boy. This is my favourite of the boy food name!!


Cherry: A glossy red fruit which is sophisticated. A timeless name! Eat it fast :D

Clementine: This name is delicate and so in right now! This a citrus fruit which if you really wanted could be teemed with a orange themed nursery.

Priela: This is Hebrew for fruit from God. This is a unique and simple name I just love!

Cinnamon: This is a modern name, from the warm brown-colored spice. An adorable name and ready made nickname.

Olive: Chosen by Isla Fisher for her tot this green fruits name is oh so popular!

Do you side with sweets compared with healthy food! Well i can definitely agree with you. there :D If this is so why not go for a some thing with a little more.. calories?? :P


Hamish (0r ham): Who doesn't love Hamish and Andy?!? So get in the spirit of enjoying your meat and celebrities and nickname your child Ham catchy isn't it?

James (or Jam): This nickname sells the name James, doesn't it :D

Roman- (Romano Cheese): Roman is a fab, masculine name and great to sprinkle on your pasta. Inspiration is everywhere!!


Sunday/Sundae: Used recently by Nicole Kidman for her 1st born Sunday Rose it can be spelt using the day or ice-cream. Either way its delicious and lazy and a cute name for any little girl!

Candace/Candy: This name has lots of added potential. This name sets off plain names such as Candace Jane or Candy Louise.

Coco- Coco Chanel! A living legend! Also used by Monica as shes known from friends for her daughter this name is chocolaty brown and oh so now!

Hazel-This is a simplistic name which makes you want to smile. A colour, a chocolate or a name its perfect!

Now we hope these names don't make you hungry by the end but hopefully it allows you all to explore new names and new meanings! Enjoy exploring till you find your name!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Laura so Creative!

Ham(ish), Jam(es), and Roman(o Cheese) are my faves :P.

Laura said...

hahahahahha perhaps if you have another child these could be on ur lists :D

Fiona said...

Food names for boys thats really hard unless u want to use 60yr old names like Basil hhaha romano cheese thats cute