Friday, November 14, 2008

Finding a name for Estebans brother or Sister

Hi guys, I have just found out I am pregnant with my 2nd child and in a bit of a sticky!For our first child, a boy, we went with the name Esteban the spanish version of steven because my husband is spanish. It isn't a name you hear much around here which makes it hard to pick another name to match it. How could i possibly have James brother to Esteban or Caitlin sister to Esteban. Will you help me pick a spanish names or two for our next one? We are keeping the sex a surprise!


Well Victoria you have certainly given us a challenge and let me say what a unique name Esteban is and we understand the importance of finding also a unique name for your second child. Here are some suggestions we hope are right for your bundle of joy!

Boys name- As Esteban is Spanish We thought that names originating from countries other than Australia, American and England were essential to go a little European!

Julio: This is a variant of Julian and Julius and in my onion goes great with Esteban and is not quite as popular as it should be. Its short, its sweet its European!

Vincentio: I'm sure many of you find this name familiar as it comes from the Shakespearean play measure to measure. I think this is a distinguished name which if pleases you can be shortened to Vince or Vincent. I think the 'o' on the end gives that more good baby name factor though! :D

Emmet: Usually I wouldn't suggest going for same name children but in this case i think they go well together. Emmett is a last name and a location so why not make it your babies name. It means universal which it certainly is.

Girls name- For girls may advice is simple, stylish and forever.

Roschella: This is a very different name, coming from Rochelle meaning rest and little rock (yes a strange meaning). However this is French and German allowing yourself and hubby to use names from all over the world creating something unique and special within your family- universal baby names!

Isla: This is a Scottish name which means river. Those sharing this name include Isla Fisher and Isla Glenn National Park. Be the first to have this amazingly simple and beautiful name. It truly is a pair with Esteban

Iris: Another 'I' name meaning Rainbow. How sweet and how happy your child will be to have this meaning for a name. Very popular within Ireland this names is on the rise!

Isabella: And its an I name again (this was not on purpose :D). Isabella or Belle is a classical name you can never go wrong with. This is also a Spanish, Latin name and therefore allows you to follow your first child's trend of Spanish names!

Good luck with choosing and if none of them take your fancy comment back and we will find some more! Anything to help everyone choosing the perfect baby name!


Victoria said...

Thanks for you help!

Roschella is a nice spanish name, as is Isabella, you just never think it would be because you see so many english Isabella's.

Laura said...

Thats true there are so many names out there you don't think about the origin, you just asume its Australian or English.
My own name for example Laura is Latin and comes from the name of a plant. A name is more than that, theres history!
I hope you have a healthy pregnancy and enjoy name choosing Victoria!!

Laura x