Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finding a Middle Name for Claribelle

Hi. I was searching the web and came across your website. I was hoping you could help me. I'm 8 months pregnant and myself and hubby are having problems choosing the name. My other children are Elle Marie, Cooper James and Saffron May. Its a girl and we are calling her Clarabelle but we have no idea what goes with the name, any ideas? Thanks - Rosalie.
Hi Rosalie. Congrats on being our 1st inquiry!

And congrats on your little one! PS. You didn't happen to get the name Claribelle from our website did you?!?!?! :D

I think I have a bunch of names that might be suitable for teeny tiny Claribelle. Tell us what you think huh and what you finally choose!

Sierra - This is a little cute huh? A variant of Kiara and kind of similar to the 'oh so now' Sienna but less common. Meaning 'mountain' in Spanish and in my opinion fits perfectly with Claribelle.

Avery- So you have a Cooper which is derived from a surname so why not Claribelle Avery (also derived from a surname). Whist it does translate to Alfred in French, which means Elf Council, I think Avery is a much more feminine names than a masculine one. Plus if Claribelle turns into a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fan she'll just love you for it!

Lilac- Like Saffron, Lilac is a fairy unusual botanical name. It isn't even registered on my favourite baby name website! However, it was used by model Kirsty Hume and actor Donovan Leitch for their little girl.

Pearl- My favourite for decorating my earlobes and gorgeous for a little girl. Pearls are repeatedly used as a metaphor for something of value in the bible. Claribelle will certainly be something of value after all.

Paige- Claribelle Paige has a sweet little ring to it don't you think?

Leila- Pronounced either Lay-La or Lee-La and means Night in Arabic. I thought that this name has similar characteristics to May. Also Claribelle means Bright so you have to giggle and admire Claribelle Leila, a Bright Night.

Thanks for you question! Hope you like you names!


Rosalie said...

Thanks so much for your input!! i really like the name sierra its so different, i would never have thought of it myself!! so i guess now all i have to do is wait for my precisious girl to come and intrdouce to the world Claribelle Sierra!!

Rosalia xx

Anonymous said...

Glad you like your names! I think Claribelle Sierra will love her name!

I forecast a rise in the popularity of Sierra as well. You you will be able to proudly say you started the trend.

If you have any other friends that need help with names or you just want to create a 'safe' of names for your next one feel free to call on us!