Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Colourful Language for Your Baby

When saying colourful language i mean baby names of course... which are colours! One inspirational place to look for names is on a colour chart.
These types of names are different, original and always bright! A colour can be described by more than one world such as "yellow" or "red" so to give you are hand in choosing vibrant name I've chosen the top ten colour names!

Girls names:

Saffron: A bright orange/yellow colour dye. There are also 4 variant forms your can spell this sunny name, these being: Saffran, Saffren, Saffronia and Saphron.

Silver: Yes i know this name for a lot of people is way off key, but I think that even if not for a first name it creates a really original and beautiful name if used as a middle name. Dare a little and let your daughter glitter.

Blanche- The colour of this name is pure white and also nicknames with "blond". This is a highly sophisticated colour name which is Old French.

Peach- This is a very rare girls name which colour is a mix of pink and orange. A soft colour as is the name (which is also a fruit, so you can be apart of both the craze of colours and fruits)

Scarlette - (or Scarletta, Scarlet) the meaning of this name is red. Its a fiery name which will give you little girl extra character. Celebrities with the same name include Scarlet Johanson.

Boys name

Indigo- A deep purple, this is an exotic name for girl or boy. Indigo however for a boy paints a picture of a Gentlemen and Strength.

Jett- This refers to the colour black. Its short and sweat being simply charismatic.

Jasper- This is a Persian name and is associated with the colours of red, brown or yellow. Its light and enigmatic a pefect name for any boy.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea jasper was a colour! makes me like it even more.
another colour name i like is Ruby or Opal for a girl