Monday, November 17, 2008

Why we Love Baby Name Blogging

Recently Tara from A Name by Any Other - Rose sent us an email. She said "Can't wait to here more about what you love about names and why you blog about them".Which got us thinking about all the reasons we love names.

And here they are - all the reasons why we've put our kids to bed early and left our tax returns to the last minute in order to blog about names. :D
  1. It is so beautiful for to be involved with parents life at such a beautifully momentous stage of their lives.
  2. It is even more beautiful for them to tell you "Thanks so much for helping us. Thanks to your suggestions our daughter will now be Claribelle Sierra."
  3. Names have such a profound effect on the person one becomes. So many times have I met someone and been told "Yer, you look like a Sarah". Mabey if I hadn't been Sarah Louise (Princess Warrior) and say...Sarah Monique (Princess Advice) I would have different personality traits than the ones I have.
  4. Every single name has a different meaning. First names with middle names create such a unique message for the world.
  5. There is so much more to each individual name that its face value. Every name has a meaning, a significance to a certain person, a history, people who have carried it before and connotations or things we associate with the name.
  6. Every one has a different taste for each name. It isn't often that you will get different parents liking exactly the same names for all their kids.
  7. In spite of differences in tastes other parents respect the names other choose to give to their kids. It is so lovely to see respect and consideration of other people.
  8. Every one needs names. They are an absolute necessity - Imagine a life without names!
  9. Coming from an artistic family I always felt a bit left out of the club. My ex-fashion designer mom was born of 2 art teachers and often boasts about having 2 of her paintings in some prestigious exhibition, my brother was, and still is, a whiz at guitar and mandolin and won 2 high school music scholarships and my father has the wit of Hamish from Hamish and Andy.* I never really had an art form untill I fell in love with baby names which in my opinion is an art from.
  10. Lastly, I had such fun naming my little boy I couldn't just wait for another baby - I have to feed the addiction. :)


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