Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Charmed With the Name Wyatt :p

Hi Sarah and Laura. I literally found out a week a go i was pregnant and ever since then I have been scouring websites to find a name for my little nut sized baby right now :D hahaha

Well if it's a boy I really like the name Wyatt(yes its from charmed but don't judge me :D!), but what middle name could I have with that?

If it helps my first child (a boy) is called Roman Alex.

and suggestions for Wyatts middle name??
any help would be great!



We here at NFATE understand that it is exciting to find out your pregnant. However, if your only a couple of months along we think it is important first of all to consider that you haven't passed the 'safe zone' for miscarriages yet, second of all that it is impossible to be sure of the sex of your baby and lastly if you start choosing names now by the end of your pregnancy chances are you would have fallen out of love with them. Remember, you don't have to make a desicion now!

But we would love to help you find a middle name for Wyatt and even suggest some girls names! - if you would like to get back to us and tell us what your looking for in both a middle name for Wyatt and a girls name if infact Wyatt is a girl.

Always happy to help,
Sarah and Laura


Amalia said...

Ok , ill get back to you in a few months time, so start thinking girls and boys :D
thanks Sarah and Laura
p.s. i may even get some other ideas for names from your blogs!!!

Names; From Adam to Eve said...

Feel free to get back to us asap!

Good luck with your nut!