Thursday, November 20, 2008

First or Last?

Hi all!
I know when i love a name the origin hardly matters... mostly... (unless your calling your child hell i think we can agree it matters then!!! :D). Well I have to say I'm a sucker for last names for first names, especially for boys! So all baby namers out there here are our top last, first names!Enjoy and be inspired!! :P

Cooper:This is the 62nd most common surname. A cute name which is one of my favourite. Tied with any middle name this name stands strong (unless of course your last name is Cooper!! :P)
Avery:This name comes from the French name Alfred and means "elf counsel." How cute is that?!?
Cole:This is the 108th most common surname. Also meaning black this names one syllable is strong and ever lasting
Hart: Open your heart to this last name for your son!! This name is of old English origins, as well as being a surname its the name of an English Saint. Heavenly!
Spencer - This fab name is the 163rd most common surname. Uncommon and original it can be shortened to Spence or changed to Spenser.

Piper- Made famous from charmed. The 1,298th most common surname This names trend is on the rise. Get on board and call your son or daughter piper. Perfect if unsure of the sex of your babe!
Eden - This is a Hebrew name which has history, way back to the beginning of the earth. As the 4,941st most common surname is sure to distinguish your daughters names from her peers. Being two syllables also ensures an easy choice in middle name!
Ivy - The ivy league anyone? 2,097th most common surname it brings to a child nature and style an effective mix!!

I hope these names please all and enjoy exploring this site. If none of the blogs assist you feel free to message us on short of ideas and we will get back as fast as humanly possible!!!!


Anonymous said...

My son's name is Grayson. It was originally a surname.

Laura said...

Now thats something i never knew! what a cute name!

Anonymous said...

I love the -son names.

Harrison was on the list when we named my boy.

I might have to do a post on all the -son names.

Carrie said...

What are the names of your children? I dont think we have heard the story yet!