Monday, November 24, 2008

Too Trendy Tot's - a T Name of the Tricky Kind

I'm only two months along but I'm pretty sure it will be a girl. I have three other girls what are the odds of this one being a boy? I have considered the name Teavani (pronounced Tay AH vah NEE)Kristine. The middle name is definitely Kristina or Kristine because that's my mother's name. I am definitely going for something unique and that starts with a T. My other daughters names are LaShaea, Acacia, and Jazzi.

Doing this article I have been converted to T names! Normally I would suggest some boys names too but I just couldn't be torn away from the girls names. So If it ends up being a boy you'll have to get back to us.

Trinity - This name has grown on me so much after every time I have heard it. I think it is has a sweet, innocent sort of sound to it. Nicknames of Trin, or Trinny are cute too. This Catholic inspired name also is a favourite among sci-fi authors for wicked chicks with cool superpowers.

Tiarmi - This name is pronounced (Tee- are- mee) and is from Maori origins. As this name has a quite basic sound there are a number of ways you could add life to it with spelling. Teearmi, Tiarrmee, Tiarmy - What ever you Like! (my fave is just Tiarmi though).

Tiona - I would bet my bottom dollar that your little girls will love this! It means Fairy Queen! Won't all the other girls at the fairy parties be jealous! - I would know I'm a Princess (Sarah)

Teige - I quite like the name poet - but I just can't imagine a little poet running around - Teige which means poet, is a much preffered name of mine which means poet. Let if serenade you!

Taffy - So cutee! And so different - I love it! LaShaea, Acacia, Jazzi and Taffy - what a set!

Talahissa - The name of a sea goddess in ancient Greek myth, a variant of Thalassa which is a sylphlike alternative to Theresa. LOVE the nickname Lassi and TK for Talahissa Kristine (okay for all the t names).

Tabina- Tibby - there should be more sisterhood of the travelling pants names out there!

Hope we have been of help to you! Tell us what you think and what you eventually choose when your baby is born.

Oh and if you would like some boy names too!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. I will take all those names in consideration. Tiona has my eye or even Tioni. Jazzi's middle name is Sarah. A princess and a fairy queen. It's only fitting. I have months to settle on a name so I will come back to this site again for more help. I'm not worried about a boy name. If by the grace of God I get a boy he will be a junior.

Muchas Gracias