Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's in a Name?

We know the dilemma - you want a name that is nice but not too common or too weird. Plus it has to be a name that you both agree on.

There are an endless amount of names out there. You have to choose one that I think, embodies the characteristics of a nice piece of classic music. The name you choose has to be modern but timeless, unique yet not too different, lovable yet not too typical, and strong yet classy. Ultimately you need to give your bundle of joy a name that reflects just that; that he or she is a bundle of joy.

It is here we we would like to help! Having gone through the experience ourselves, we would like to give you our assistance in choosing the perfect name to give a recognisable message to the world.

So here goes, we are going to share ideas, opinions and inspiration about baby names through our posts. It will be a enlightening and fun experience. We can't wait!

Sarah and Laura

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