Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Names Which Last Forever

Hey guys, I am having a my first baby pretty soon and haven't got a name. I liked Mackenzie which I think is Scottish. And Patrick as well. I tend to quite like names that are a bit out of fashion at the moment and sound a bit sort of dopey. I would love to hear what you guys have to say!Thanks Alannah

Hay Alannah! and congratulations on behalf of us all!! Here are some names we hope work

Boys names

Caspar- Well i just think this name is so cute! Of course you have heard it from Caspar the ghost (not so popular now a days) and its got that cute but dorky edge to it!!

Arthur- The knight at the round table therefore its rather romantic! A noble name which is not so popular today. It is of Celtic origin meaning bear or stone depending on what language you define it within!

Cliff- This name was popular in the 1950s and means what you expected ...a slope. It can also be lengthened to be Clifford. Of old English origins, lets bring Cliff back

Peter- This name was very popular in the 1970s to late 1980s. It is a strong name to be chosen for a strong son.

Girls names:

Millie- Many preferring to go with Lilly I think this name is every bit as special and cute as Lilly. Lengthen it to Mildred, Amelia or Millicent if wanted this according to the US Census is popular first and last name within the 1990s!

Winnie- Winnie the pooh! who doesn't love or adore the cartoon and the name to! A grandma name some could say this name has great potential and in your words dorkiness :D

Alexandra-Sophisticated. This name means mans defender and is of Greek origin. Popular in the1960s this name is forever!

London- This name is different from the ones above but i had to throw it in! I think this name is great as a first or middle name and could be the next Paris! Get in Early to claim this prize name! :D

I hope these names are cute enough and dorky enough for you Alannah!! I had great fun finding these names! We all hope you have a healthy pregnancy!! Comment back if more names are needed!!!


Anonymous said...

Laura I simply love the name Winnie!

You have outdone your self!

Laura said...

I glad u like it! Inspiration from my friends grandmar!
thanx winnie :D