Friday, November 21, 2008

You-Neake Boiz Naymz!

Maybe you can help! I'm due mach 13th its a boy, but I'm having trouble finding a name for him!

I like the name Elijah but I'm just concerned that's its to popular. I like Z names or names that are unique but not to far out there -you know. Well thanks for helping. O let me add this not that it matters but the baby is bi-racial.

Elijah is about the only one I like from the bible but I'm open to everything.

Lets see Z names I've considered are Zaiden but his ex had a Zaiden so he said no, Zackari. What else lets see I came up with Zaydrian but no seems to like it. Oh and Jaevion. I like anything that's a little different so he won't have the same name as every one else.

Meghan, we would like to send our congrats on your little boy!

I think we have compiled a list that contains a few little 'gems' for you.

1st of all I would like to point out that Zaydrian is less 'homemade' than you might have initially thought. The American name Xadrian, which is pronounced the same as your Zaydrian, is a variant of the name Adrian meaning 'in the Italian village of Hadria'. And I suppose Zay is a nickname for the Hebrew name Zane which means 'God is gracious'.
It seems also fitting that this name comes from different backgrounds just as you and your little boys father do.

Anyways, the best advise I can give to people looking for a name that is unique but not crazily different is that their are plenty of you-neake variants of nice popular names. So if you like the name Elijah and Z names why not Elizah.
Or of Blake tickles your fancy but is a little too popular what about Blaze?
Make a popular name like Jaiden your own by substituting the J for a Z to get Zaiden (looks like your one step ahead of us here). And if you hubby doesn't like this how about Jaizen.

However, we would still like to suggest some news names,

Zeppelin- Okay so this is a little unusual but everyone has heard it thanks to our fave old school rocker! Whilst it does mean Airship, Dirigible or Blimp, the association with flying makes it a wonderful name if you want bub to soar to great heights.

Jaguar- So it doesn't really(at all) fit into your Z name category but it is unusual. I was originally going to suggest Jagger which you might also like as either a name or a nickname.

Zakavvion- so you said that you liked Zackari and Jaevion. In theory if your partner likes both of these names he shouldn't be too frightened by this one. This name is currently ranked 67,375 of 68,285 in the US so it fits your criteria nicely.

Israel - This uber cool place name has been donned by many a Jewish prophet. I like that it sounds alike Isaac or Isaiah which are both popular boys names at the moment.

Halifax - Yes it is the name of a suburb in the UK but give the name a chance! And for those of you who were wondering yes I did steal it from Hal from John Doyle's mini series 'Marking Time'.

Vesper - this unisexual name meaning Midnight Star sounds pretty cool before Javeion (Vesper Javeion)

Ephraim- This name pronounced EF-ram is a biblical name meaning fruitful and unlike Elijiah is not as popular as it should be!

Remember to get back to us and give us some feedback and to tell us what you eventually decide!

PS. don't stress about a name because you don't think it is unique enough or your worried about what other people will think. Pick a name because you love it. However, in Elijah Javeion it is difficult to tell where one name ends and the other begins when saying it outloud. I would suggest choosing a middle name that dosent begin with the same sound as your chosen 1st name to combat this problem.


Akgem said...

Thanks For Your input It really did help! So are tops Names are Elijah
Javeion(middle name)
But we decide to keep thinking about it and that were not goin to make anything final Till hes born. Ive heard so meany peole say once thay saw there baby they new what name fit or that the name they choose didnt fit and they changed it aftering seein thier baby. And your right you shouldnt choose A name just because its unique. After browsing so many baby names and finding ones I like, I keep coming back to Elijah I figure theres got to be a reason! Thanks so much for you help

Sarah said...

Your so welcome!

I think you have a georgeous set of names for your little one!

Be sure to get back to me and tell me what you end up naming him!

Il be so pleased if you pick something I have suggested!

Thanks for your open mindness and cooperation!